Achieve and maintain market place.

The policy of our mills is to produce yarn meeting specified requirements of customers and aim at fully satisfying their expectations through continuous improvement by adopting better processes and technologies with the complete involvement of all employees.


Customer requirements shall be translated into technical specifications and being achieved and controlled.


Quality plan shall be evolved, carried out, checked and followed by a corrective action for ensuring defect-free production.


Selection and blending of right quality cotton.


Approving right quality raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products with the use of proper testing instruments.


Maintaining effective in-process control, good house keeping and safety regulations.


Every worker shall be trained in understanding the quality requirements of the jobs and being followed.


Machinery installations, equipment and tools shall be undertaken with preventive care in avoiding the production of defective items.


Motivation of employees in their respective fields through continuous training.


Providing right quality products and effective customer service for customer satisfaction.


Continuous improvements through technological upgradation.


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